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Amžininkų atsiminimai - Summary



This year (2000) we commemorate the 120th anniversary of Kazimieras Venclauskis' birth and the 60 th anniversary of his death (1880 02 27 - 1940 02 24).

The better part of his life (1908-1940) was spent in Siauliai. K.Venclauskis was a noted lawyer, public figure, politician, and the man who undertook the organization of the municipal government for Šiauliai. After the restoration of an independent Republic of Lithuania (1918), he was the first mayor of Šiauliai. After that (1919-1920) he headed the Šiauliai county government. Elected to Steigiamasis Seimas (Constituent Assembly; 1920) and to the following parliaments, he was a chairman of the Social Democratic faction. From 1925 K.Venclauskis was a member of the Lithuanian Lawyers' Council. He also headed "Kultūros" bendrovė (Association "Culture"). For long years he was an officer of the Siauliai Regional Association of Consumer Co-operative Societies.

K.Venclauskis is considered to be one of the most distinct personalities of Šiauliai elite during Lithuania's years of independence between the two world wars.

Due to his skills and insistence, K.Venclauskis became the public and cultural figure noted not only in Šiauliai, but also in the whole country. He deserved the honorable place in Lithuanian history of the 20 th century.

To immortalize his personality, the Šiauliai Aušros Museum compiled and released the book "Kazimieras Venclauskis". This book is also an attempt to lead this noble figure into pages of historic publications, to stimulate further research of his life and various activities, since they

haven't been widely illuminated up to now.

The book is divided into two parts. The first one -"Features of K.Venclauskis' Life and Activities" - contains the articles describing K.Venclauskis' life and his many-sided professional, political, social, and cultural work.

The lawyer J.Nekrašius in his article "He Was a Lawyer" analyses professional activities of K.Venclauskis, who was one of the most well-known barristers in Lithuania.

Historian, Dr. J.Sireika, characterizes K.Venclauskis as a famous politician and an active worker for municipal government ("Kazimieras Venclauskis - a Notable Lithuanian Politician and an Active Worker for Municipal Government").

Museum specialist E.Jovaišaitė in her article "Kazimieras Venclauskis and His Cultural Activities" reviews K.Venclauskis' co-operative and cultural work.

Journalist L.Peleckis-Kaktavičius, who has been engaged in S. and K. Venclauskiai family's history from the 9 th decade of the 20 th century, in his article "He Was a Father of the Big Family. K.Venclauskis' Personality and His Family" tries to describe the main features of K.Venclauskis' personality and to evaluate his role as the father-philanthropist of the biggest and the only such family in Lithuania (S. and K. Venclauskiai privately raised more than one hundred of orphans and impoverished children).

The first part of the book ends with the "Stories about Father" told by Gražbylė Venclauskaitė (a lawyer and the daughter of S. and K. Venclauskiai).

The second part of the publication - "Reminiscences of Contemporaries" - includes S.Kairys', O.Kairiene's, K.Bielinis', J.Vilkaitis' memoirs about K.Venclauskis, which have been published in 1940, in the social, political, and cultural newspaper "Mintis" (The Thought), issued by Social-Democrats (editor-O.Leonaitė-Kairienė). These authentic stories ought to be of considerable importance for further research-work on K.Venclauskis' life and activities. These copies of articles were brought from the personai archive of Danutė Venclauskaitė (the daughter of S. and K. Venclauskiai 1903-1999), who lived for a long time in Waterbury (USA).

At the end of the publication you will find an index of personal names mentioned in the text. The book is illus trated by photographs and copies of documents from the Šiauliai Aušros Museum collections and L.Peleckis-Kaktavičius personal archives.

The book „Kazimieras Venclauskis" immortalizes the versatile personality and reveals the significance of K.Venclauskis' life and activities for Šiauliai and all of Lithuania, for nation's past and for its present day.

Translated by Audronė Tamulienė



Jūs esate čia: Naujienos Kazim Venclauskis Amžininkų atsiminimai